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  ZHEJIANG ZONXIE ARTS & CRAFTS CO., LTD. is a professional enterprise that is engaged in the design and development of wooden toys, infant and children educational products, at the same time combines the production and sales of domestic and foreign trade. The company's existing plant area has over 25.000 square meters. Our company has an excellent production management team and an experienced toy designer team from "Formosa" Taiwan. With independent research and development of designed products that obtain more than 50 domestic patents, we are also the first enterprise that our products have access to patent in Germany, France and the United States at the same time among the wooden toys business in Yunhe.

    Based on the core concept "Peace, Love, Joy" from our products, we strive to create an own international brand in Mainland China. Our company currently owns the registered trademarks with: "Kidus", "WOOKA", "ZaLaMi", "Little Master", four brands of product series. With high-quality materials, delicate production process, and the implementation of strict and effective quality control, the production of our products are not only in strict accordance with but also pass through the EN-71 in Europe, the ASTM-F963 in the United States, the GB6675 in China, and toy standards in every other importing countries. The various categories of products such as wooden rail trains, puzzles, building blocks, games that our company mainly produced, is selling in various provinces around the cities and also exported to the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions in the meanwhile.

    We always adhere to the idea of "Innovation, Quality, Gratitude, Win-win", to meet the needs of no matter domestic or foreign customers with children's toys and infant education supplies. With the attitude towards sincere service, we wish to establish a long-term and stable relationship of cooperation between domestic and foreign business, provide toy products and infant education supplies that is more beautiful, more efficient and more secure to children around the world.



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