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Enterprises adhere to customer satisfaction is the starting point of loyalty, continuous improvement is the eternal pursuit of loyalty, good quality is the loyalty of the survival of the party. The company's party, government, engineering, mission, women's organizations from the value concept, behavioral norms, image recognition of three aspects, to build a Zhongxian Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. Zhejiang characteristics of the corporate culture system, with the media, promotional activities to enhance corporate culture , Team spirit, and give full play to its role. Through the continuous upgrading of corporate culture, build, cultivate Zhejiang Zhongxie Crafts Co., Ltd. brand, increase business visibility, honor, share, for bigger, stronger enterprises play their due role.

Party branch of the company to give full play to the role of party branches and the vanguard of exemplary party members, party members to seriously learn the basic knowledge of the party to learn to implement the scientific concept of development, regular organizational activities, party history and patriotism , In recent years the company party branch to absorb the development of 10 new members. In order to ensure social stability and smooth production of enterprises, enterprises set up comprehensive management studio, establish and improve the work organization and work network, gradually implement comprehensive management objectives management responsibility system, strengthen the management of floating population and family planning work, And construction efforts, enterprise party, workers, groups, women's construction full implementation.


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