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Do children play wooden toys? How to buy wooden toys more conducive to children

time:2016-03-10 00:00:00   views:3304

Do children play wooden toys? Playing wooden toys good? Now more and more popular wooden toys, because of its relatively more secure and healthier. In general, wooden toys can be divided into two types: pure wooden toys and synthetic toys.

Common wooden toy types

1. building blocks

Usually cube wood or plastic solid toys, usually in each surface decorated with letters or drawings, allowing a different arrangement or construction activities Building blocks have a variety of styles, can develop children's intelligence, can be built into a house, a variety of animals, etc. .

2. the puzzle

China's ancient puzzle toys there are puzzles, such as the four-puzzle, jigsaw puzzle. These wooden puzzle toys can open the baby's intelligence, and promote their intellectual development.

3. drag toys

Wooden pull toys because of their own texture, so the stability is better. If made of the baby's favorite image, such as small ducks, cars, etc., is more suitable for toddler play.


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