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ZHEJIANG ZONXIE ARTS & CRAFTS CO., LTD. was awarded the invention patent in Germany

time:2016-03-30 00:00:00   views:4370

Recently, the good news came from the office of IPR management of Zhejiang Province. Two new products of "Orbital Toys Connection Structure" and "New Composite Orbit Toys" newly developed by Zhejiang Zhongxie Crafts Co., Ltd. won the foreign-related patent. The German Patent and Trademark Office awarded the enterprise The invention patent certificate.

Zhejiang Zhongxian Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. always adhere to the innovation, science and technology enterprises to change the mode of economic growth, to the characteristics of advantages, innovation and development, change the development of ideas, enhance innovation, promote technological progress, with patented technology advantage agglomeration production Factor development, to achieve corporate profits growth driven by the incremental drive to change to innovation, continuous innovation, science and technology enterprises to create the core competitiveness.

In recent years, the staff of enterprises to use their own wisdom and modern science and technology design methods, has applied for 20 invention patents, of which 12 have been authorized and put into production. Patented product research and development, for the rapid development of enterprises to provide a strong technical assurance.


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